Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Posting on behalf of Sara Gruen, author of WATER FOR ELEPHANTS and THE APE HOUSE

Hi everyone. Today I'm taking a break from my regular blog posting to do a favor for my friend and colleague, bestselling novelist Sara Gruen (author of the megabestselling novel WATER FOR ELEPHANTS and the highly anticipated novel THE APE HOUSE, due out later this year. I had the good fortune to know Sara via the online writers' groups Writers.net and Backspace before she became famous, and as a longtime lover of her writing am happy to post the below for her today. If you have any $$ to spare even in these tough economic times, please consider making a contribution.

From Sara---

"The Lola Ya Bonobo in the Congo is the only sanctuary in the world for bonobos, the most critically endangered great ape in the world. The Lola Ya takes in orphaned babies (usually victims of the bush meat trade), raises them, and reintroduces them into the jungle when they are ready. Their population of 64 to 66 has been devastated by a human flu over the last couple of weeks that has carried off 6 babies and infected at least ten others." http://www.friendsofbonobos.org

"I am heartsick. If you've been to my Web site (www.saragruen.com), the baby shown holding my book on my flash page died last week. If you can help, with any amount at all--five bucks, ten bucks--I and the bonobo babies personally thank you. I've donated as much as I can. I know the economy is in the tank, and if you can't donate financially, PLEASE help spread the word via blogs or Web sites. If you can help, I thank you a million times.I mean it. THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart."



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