Sunday, March 8, 2009

Welcome to my new blog!

Hey folks! Jamaica Layne here. I've been meaning to launch an exclusive Jamaica Layne blog for a while, but life just kept getting in the way. Between writing deadlines, housework, the recession, and a grumpy sick toddler with the Incurable Diaper Rash from Hell, I'm about a week behind getting this blog launched.

This week I'll be giving away lots of free books to my new blog readers. To be eligible for a free copy of one of my books, I'll be posting reader questions every other day this week. Readers can post their answers in the "Comments" section. I'll select a winner from each day's comments to receive a free book.

Here's today's question. The winner will receive a free copy of my current print novel, MARKET FOR LOVE (which I'll be signing on Thursday of this week at 12 noon at the downtown Chicago Books-A-Million, located on the corner of Adams and Clark).

Why do you read erotica? Are you more interested in a quick-and-dirty Erica Jong-style "zipless f*ck" or do you also look for a more complex storyline?

Looking forward to your answers!


  1. Please don't enter me in the contest as I already have a copy of the book. I just want to answer the question LOL.

    I prefer an erotic romance to just a random encounter. I'm not a prude, so the sex can be as dirty and forbidden as possible, as long as it's between people who really care for each other. That connection just makes it more intense, imho.

  2. I read erotica not so much for the encounters as I do for the pychology behind the encounters. I feel people are higher order mammals and some erotic situations go deeper than simply attraction. I like to figure out the need within that pushes the charecters forward through the writing.

  3. I find very little enjoyment in a story that is pure sex. I much prefer to see some attraction or emotion between the characters that is not just sexual, and following the course of a relationship that becomes sexual is very enjoyable, as long as the author makes that progression believable and exciting.

    I'm definitely not a fan of the current trend of having a book be predominantly sex that feels mechanical. Even if the characters are just f*cking, an emotional bond between them turns sex into so much more.