Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Posting on behalf of Sara Gruen, author of WATER FOR ELEPHANTS and THE APE HOUSE

Hi everyone. Today I'm taking a break from my regular blog posting to do a favor for my friend and colleague, bestselling novelist Sara Gruen (author of the megabestselling novel WATER FOR ELEPHANTS and the highly anticipated novel THE APE HOUSE, due out later this year. I had the good fortune to know Sara via the online writers' groups Writers.net and Backspace before she became famous, and as a longtime lover of her writing am happy to post the below for her today. If you have any $$ to spare even in these tough economic times, please consider making a contribution.

From Sara---

"The Lola Ya Bonobo in the Congo is the only sanctuary in the world for bonobos, the most critically endangered great ape in the world. The Lola Ya takes in orphaned babies (usually victims of the bush meat trade), raises them, and reintroduces them into the jungle when they are ready. Their population of 64 to 66 has been devastated by a human flu over the last couple of weeks that has carried off 6 babies and infected at least ten others." http://www.friendsofbonobos.org

"I am heartsick. If you've been to my Web site (www.saragruen.com), the baby shown holding my book on my flash page died last week. If you can help, with any amount at all--five bucks, ten bucks--I and the bonobo babies personally thank you. I've donated as much as I can. I know the economy is in the tank, and if you can't donate financially, PLEASE help spread the word via blogs or Web sites. If you can help, I thank you a million times.I mean it. THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart."



Saturday, March 28, 2009

Guest Blogger Lisa Lane!

Today we welcome to the blog erotic romance author Lisa Lane. She's posting about sex, science fiction, alien sex, and sexual identity. Take it away, Lisa!


Thank you so much for having me here today! I am very excited to have the opportunity to talk about my sexy, sci-fi space trek, Lust in Space, alien sex, and sexual identity. We all know how essential of a topic alien sex is . . . okay, so it’s a strange subject. Today, I’d like to show you just how important alien sex can be—both to science fiction and to our sexual attitudes as individuals and a society.

As human beings, it is natural that we identify ourselves in numerous ways, one of which being sexual identity. Although we might define various orientations and roles, for example a gay man in a committed relationship, the association between one’s sexual identity and one’s place in the larger scheme can vary greatly depending on culture and generation. Authors have used themes based on gender orientation, sexual orientation, and role for centuries; science fiction makes for an especially vast venue with which to explore the topic.

Aliens take that theme to the extreme.

Imagine, if you will, a time and a place in which sexual identity might be defined in terms even broader than those known and accepted by current cultural mores. Here, humanoids come in shapes and sizes that force one to redefine any preconceived thoughts regarding compatibility and mass.

Take the Locaru, for example. These little people are not much bigger than a bumble bee, but what they lack in size they more than make up for in confidence and creativity. When Locaru Jim falls for human bartender and exotic dancer Leah, he is able to convince her very quickly that size does not always matter . . . and that a vibrating body can come in peculiarly handy.

But I digress. The world I speak of delves much deeper into the subject of sexual identity, by exposing the very different mores and functions of its various inhabitants. The aliens who offer the most insight into sexual identity are the predominantly bisexual Esirians and the asexual shape-shifting Gatgars.

Esirians, dubbed the “Unicorn People,” both because of the horns that grow on their foreheads and their near extinction as a race, live mostly in small refugee camps scattered across the galaxy. The crew of spaceship Pandora’s Hope are lucky enough to get tactical officer Suxien as a part of their crew—and then, later, a duplicate of her from an earlier time, after a space-bending venture goes terribly awry. The two Suxiens answer the unusual question, “If you were bisexual, and a duplicate of you were to enter your life, would you have sex with yourself?” Suxien’s character is also the archetypal feminist, a woman who knows her place in society—as an equal to all races and all sexes she encounters—and she isn’t afraid to set straight anyone who might think otherwise.

The Gatgars reproduce asexually, the entire race being technically female. When they take human forms in order to tolerate the climate control inside Pandora’s Hope, they find their new sexual roles worthy of experimenting thoroughly. What would you do, if you could be a virgin female one minute, and then a well-endowed male the next? What would it feel like to reverse the two very different roles again? The Gatgars have fun exploring, so much fun that they become disinclined to give up their sensuous human bodies . . . and are willing to take over the ship, if that is what it takes, in order to keep them.

I had a lot of fun layering the theme of sexual identity throughout the story, exploring the various roles out there. At face value, Lust in Space is the simple-yet-complicated love story of Captain Nora Bradley and her First Officer, Robert Smith, with further sexual antics arising through a diverse ensemble cast. I think that is what makes this novel suitable for such a broad audience, and yet still able to go as far as it does. The pushing of societal norms is a little more forgivable, when it takes place two thousand years into the future, in space. Norms have to be altered and pushed, because times change. Just how much those times change depends on the story and the boundaries set by the author. I personally think it would be a crime to have such a vast literary template and not use as much of it as possible.

Plus, writing alien sex is a lot of fun—I hope it is as much fun to read!

For more information on Lust in Space, go to http://www.ravenousromance.com/breathless/lust-in-space.php

While you’re at Ravenous Romance, be sure to stick around long enough to check out all of the breathtaking covers and hot titles—you’ll be glad you did!

Lisa Lane

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Interview with Erotica Author C. Margery Kempe

Today we welcome up-and-coming erotica author C. Margery Kempe to the blog. I first became acquainted with Ms. Kempe's work when she submitted a story to an erotica anthology I edited (EXPERIMENTAL: An Anthology of Sex & Science, available from Ravenous Romance.) I recently sat down with her and shared the following interview:

1) Ms. Kempe, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself? How did you get involved in writing erotic romance and erotica?
I am a medieval English professor at a small, historically Catholic,liberal arts college in New York (hence the use of a pseudonym until Iapply for tenure next year ;-). I've always been an all-purpose kind of writer, spreading my time between academia, fiction, drama, journalism and whatnot. I had only ever written erotica for special friends, but when Lori Perkins announced the launch of Ravenous Romance at Necon last July, I suddenly thought, "hey, this could bevery good for me!" And it has been. Romance alone never appealed much to me, but writing erotica is a blast.

2) Who are your favorite erotic authors, and why?
I am very fond of Anaïs Nin because she was the first erotic writer I discovered as a very ignorant teen living in the very repressed Midwest. She led me to writers like her friend Henry Miller and hermuch admired 'mentor' D. H. Lawrence, then classics like Fanny Hill, Candy and the Story of O. I still tend to gravitate toward female writers like Cecilia Tan and Susie Bright, although one book Irecommend to everyone is the incredibly beautiful Lost Girls by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie, which is simply one of the most gorgeously erotic books you can find. In my review I think I said it was likecake you wanted to bite, as Gebbie's art is so luscious.

3) What books do you have out now, and what's in store for the future?
I have a number of short stories out in Ravenous Romance collections like SEX & SHOES, EXPERIMENTAL, MEN IN SHORTS and APHRODISIA, as well as the standalone short story "Twelve Drummers Drumming." I have a tarot story coming out from Midnight Showcase and several stories under consideration with other publishers. My novel CHASTITY FLAME comes outfrom Ravenous Romance in April. It's a thriller about a secret operative who has wild erotic adventures along with international intrigue. She has a dangerous job and tends to live for the moment -- of course that means taking advantage of sexual escapades whenever they arise (so to speak). Next I'm working on a M/M retelling of a medieval romance,because not only is M/M romance hot, but I love using my studies in inventive ways. I'm already thinking about the next Chastity novel,but before that I have a paranormal romance in mind. I've also got a busy writing schedule for my "real" self, LOL.

4) What turns you on most as an erotic writer?
I love to see lovers adoring one another's bodies, flaws and all. No one's perfect, after all, and it's those little singularities that come to mean so much, whether it's the shape of his calf or the way a kiss in the crook of her elbow brings a gasp. I enjoy the playful and teasing denial of pleasure, teetering on the brink of orgasm, extending that moment as long as possible. And I'm not averse to a little rough play when it suits the characters -- or bondage/domination, because there's something powerfully erotic for a strong woman to relinquish that power to a trusted partner.

5) What writing rituals do you have?
Hmmm, I don't know that I have any particular rituals, just because Ialways have to go straight to work. Because I am writing so many different things on any given day -- deadlines always looming -- I can't afford to do anything but get a-tapping on that keyboard. However, even when I didn't have quite as many commitments I found it important to always have at least a couple of projects open. If I got stuck on one, I could simply turn to the other and never get bogged down in worrying about why I might be stuck on one. Inevitably an idea would strike me and I could jump back to the one that had stalled.

6) Anything else you'd like to add?
One of the best things about Ravenous Romance is the new community of writers who have come together because of it. What a friendly group! I'm so pleased to be a part of it. I don't have a blog of my own as C.Margery Kempe, but I blog at RavenousRomance.com and I do have a website at http://www.cmkempe.com/. Thank you for inviting me to your blog today!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Guest Blogger at Romance Reviews Today

Today I'm interviewed as a guest at Romance Reviews Today. Check it out!

Tomorrow I'll be hosting my first guest author on the blog, up-and-coming erotica author C. Margery Kempe. She'll be the first of many guest bloggers here. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Reviews

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I've been in deadline hell the past couple weeks. Now that my latest book (Vol. 2 in the bestselling VITAL SIGNS series, tentatively titled Sex In A Southern City) is in to the editor, I've finally got some down time to catch up on blogging. In the next week or so, I'll be hosting several of my fellow erotica authors here on the blog via interviews and guest posts. More to come on that later in the week.

In the meantime, I'm pleased to post links to some great reviews my books have gotten recently:

A review of A CAPITOL AFFAIR from Bookwenches.----"Ms. Layne has written an imaginative, sexually adventurous book. If you like your sex varied and kinky, this book is for you."

Stellar review of VITAL SIGNS Vol. 1: I'VE BEEN A NAUGHTY NURSE at Coffee Time Romance. ---"the passion is. . .the hottest I have ever read. . .Jamaica Layne keeps the reader enthralled."

Yet another rave review for MARKET FOR LOVE, this time from Satin and Lace Reviews. "Filled with erotic sex, one hell of a story line and some of the best writing I have read in years, this book will have you riveted from cover to cover. I am in love with Jamaica Layne."

In other news, the audiobook versions of my Ravenous Romance novels KNIGHT MOVES and VITAL SIGNS Vol. 1: I'VE BEEN A NAUGHTY NURSE are currently Top 10 erotica bestsellers at Audible.com, sales-ranked right up there with genre powerhouses like Susie Bright and Megan Hart.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Book Signing Photos!

Hey everybody! Just wanted to post some photos from the AWESOME book signing of my print novel MARKET FOR LOVE I had this week at the Downtown Chicago Books-A-Million! The folks at that store are great. I got a window display (there I am, right next to Patricia Cornwell, James Patterson and Janet Evanovich), a table at the front of the store, fresh flowers, free beverages, free food! It was great.

And congrats to Macbeaner, who won a free copy of my ebook A CAPITOL AFFAIR! Macbeaner, please email me at jamaicalayne@yahoo.com to get your free copy.

Enjoy the pics!

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Last Question of the Week!

Okay, here's your last chance this week to COMMENT and WIN a FREE BOOK!

First, congrats to Lisa Lane, who commented on the last question and won a copy of Vital Signs Vol. 1: I've Been a Naughty Nurse!

And here's today's question, which was inspired by a discussion on the AbsoluteWrite Erotica message board:

Do you like erotic writing that features sexual fantasies (as opposed to sex that actually occurs) in the narrative? Sexual fantasies can still be explicit sex, but it's just fantasy sex. Many authors use this narrative device in their fiction. Do you like it? Why or why not? If you like it, which authors do you think do this best?

Looking forward to your answers!

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First Winner and Next Question!

First, congrats to DisChick, who won a free copy of MARKET FOR LOVE based on her comment on Sunday's question. DisChick, please email me at jamaicalayne@yahoo.com with your mailing address so I can get you your free copy. Congrats!

And here's today's question. One lucky commenter will win a free ecopy of my book VITAL SIGNS Vol. 1: I've Been A Naughty Nurse!

What type of erotica do you like best? Erotic romance? Erotic thriller? Bawdy satire? Straight hardcore erotica? Why?

Looking forward to your answers!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Welcome to my new blog!

Hey folks! Jamaica Layne here. I've been meaning to launch an exclusive Jamaica Layne blog for a while, but life just kept getting in the way. Between writing deadlines, housework, the recession, and a grumpy sick toddler with the Incurable Diaper Rash from Hell, I'm about a week behind getting this blog launched.

This week I'll be giving away lots of free books to my new blog readers. To be eligible for a free copy of one of my books, I'll be posting reader questions every other day this week. Readers can post their answers in the "Comments" section. I'll select a winner from each day's comments to receive a free book.

Here's today's question. The winner will receive a free copy of my current print novel, MARKET FOR LOVE (which I'll be signing on Thursday of this week at 12 noon at the downtown Chicago Books-A-Million, located on the corner of Adams and Clark).

Why do you read erotica? Are you more interested in a quick-and-dirty Erica Jong-style "zipless f*ck" or do you also look for a more complex storyline?

Looking forward to your answers!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Coming Soon!

Very, very soon. But I'm in deadline hell right now, so please be patient!