Thursday, March 12, 2009

Last Question of the Week!

Okay, here's your last chance this week to COMMENT and WIN a FREE BOOK!

First, congrats to Lisa Lane, who commented on the last question and won a copy of Vital Signs Vol. 1: I've Been a Naughty Nurse!

And here's today's question, which was inspired by a discussion on the AbsoluteWrite Erotica message board:

Do you like erotic writing that features sexual fantasies (as opposed to sex that actually occurs) in the narrative? Sexual fantasies can still be explicit sex, but it's just fantasy sex. Many authors use this narrative device in their fiction. Do you like it? Why or why not? If you like it, which authors do you think do this best?

Looking forward to your answers!


  1. I have to admit. I kind of like the fantasy thing. It hints at the sensual and decadent, it doesn't necessarily throw it in your face.

  2. It depends on the setting. Sometimes it can be a cop out, but done well it's fabulous. I like all kinds of erotica though, I'm not difficult to please ;)