Sunday, December 13, 2009

As Seen On TV

This year, it seems the hottest holiday gifts are the ones advertised on television in those "Call Now! Operators are Standing By!" commercials.
Like the Snuggie. And the Obama Chia Head, which apparently is being sold as a serious homage to our current President, and not a gag gift. And Bendaroos, which my six-year-old niece, who after she saw the commercial fifty-seven times on Cartoon Network, requested as the only thing she wanted for Christmas.
And in keeping with that, Ravenous Romance is pleased to announce that its Escape With Romance segment will be back on HSN this coming Friday, December 18. My books THE MERCENARY BRIDE and VITAL SIGNS, along with the books of other Ravenous authors, will be featured on this national TV spot on Friday, 12/18 at 8 am Eastern and 2 pm Eastern (7 am and 1 pm Central, an so on, this is LIVE TV). Check your local listings for the HSN channel in your area. There will be special holiday pricing, and guaranteed Christmas delivery. This was a great success when our books first appeared on HSN in October, and it looks like this will be a regular ongoing featured HSN product.
Get your Ravenous Romance books now! As Seen On TV!

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