Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blog Party Cancelled. Goodbye, Jacko

I wanted everyone to know that the Jennifer's Random Musings Summer Blog Party (where I was scheduled to appear today) has been cancelled due to the blog administrator's illness. Hopefully it will be rescheduled later in the summer.

I wanted to take a moment to comment on the death of Michael Jackson. Although I hadn't really listened to his music in years (other than what came on the radio), I was a fan of his, especially as a kid. My favorite MJ music (and period) was his early years with the Jackson 5, when his child's voice was pure and beautiful, yet had the depth, range and passion of someone well beyond his years. To quote Motown founder Berry Gordy, Michael Jackson was a "fifty year old man in a child's body" who could bring emotion and passion to the blues and soul that no child of his age ever should have been able to do. In other words, he was a genius, the likes of which will never be seen again.

How ironic that when he grew up, Jackson became a child in a man's body. This is why I frankly never believed the pedophile allegations against him. Several forensic psychiatrists all diagnosed him as having the mental state of a "psychologically regressed 10-year-old", which doesn't at all fit the profile of a child molester. I think the families that made the allegations did it because they saw a frail, deluded, and very frightened man (who also happened to be mega-rich) and decided to see how much they could take him for. It was that same kind of thinking that allowed Jackson to be surrounded by "vampires and leeches" (to quote his ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley) who enabled his mental illnesses and drug addiction. It was most likely the drugs (along with the pressure to make a comeback) that killed him.

It seems even he knew that this fate would be his. So sad that nobody could save Michael Jackson from himself.

We have lost so many of our most gifted Americans----national treasures, really----to drug abuse, the terrible pressures of fame, and the manipulative, degenerate people who latch themselves onto the famous for their own benefit. At what point will our society say enough?


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  1. I just had to say to you out of respect, I personally am happy that you didn't belive the allegations towards Michael Jackson and that you grew up listening to Michael Jackson, but I am a lifetime Fan of Michael Jackson I loved the old and the new, and feel terrible about his death. I feel like a member of my family is gone, and I really take offense of you calling him Jacko. Please respect this mans name. Its Jackson. Michael Jackson. The racist Media's favorite name for him was Wacko Jacko and I'm pretty sure that if he was reading your blog he would take offense to it as well, but repectfully I love your books and will forever be latched on to Michael Jackson.